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Pain Control

Because of the repeated, and memorized connection between the brain and the body's cells, pain signals are the hardest to gain control over.

In Healing Myself, A Hero's Primer for Recovery from Tragedy, Gari Carter, a model, mother and business owner describes her debilitating and emotional struggle with disfiguration and pain from a severe automobile accident. During the monumental challenge of having surgeons and medical professionals restore functioning and normalcy in her body's appearance through reconstructive surguries over a period of 10 years, Gari notes the benefits of Hemi-Sync CDs to help her mentally stabilize and overcome numerous bouts with pain and emotional trauma.

It is a beautifully honest book about one person's triumph over severe adversity, a type of adversity we never could wish upon another person.

Below are selections of Hemi-Sync CDs known to help users through pain.

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