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See System Requirements for Downloads.

The links within this page will take you to the Official Hemi-Sync Downloads Website:

How to Download Hemi-Sync® Audio Tracks.

Download The Hemi-Sync Digital Player (see example below).

Shop for Digital Versions of all Hemi-Sync CD titles/ genres.

Download Metamusic® Meditation Music.

Quick Downloads Summary:

1. Install the Player.

2. Select MP3's from the official digital downloads area.

3. Browse and purchase your Hemi-Sync titles.

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 Authentic Hemi-Sync Downloads

The makers of Hemi-Sync® have now created a feature rich way for you to purchase, download, and listen to all Hemi-Sync titles in EP3 and MP3 formats. 

To quickly embark upon an amazing journey listening to Hemi-Sync for helpful and beneficial outcomes, try this new digital format for convenience and portability.

1. First download the Rich Media Player.
(Takes you to the official Hemi-Sync Downloads Website)

This player was designed for enabling the playing of Hemi-Sync downloadable titles, complete with informative packaging and usage tips - from Monroe Products / Hemi-Sync® - within your own computer.

2. Select Your Hemi-Sync  Downloads.
After downloading the player, along with a free Way of Hemi-Sync sample, you will have options to easily buy official Hemi-Sync downloads from their designated and secure downloads area.

Learn more about the Hemi-Sync Downloads Demo in the following video:

Below is an example of how the Hemi-Sync digital download feature looks on your computer screen:

Digital Downloads Screen

Minimum System Requirements: Optimized for Laptop and Desktop computers; partial support for netbooks;
Minimum Screen Resolution = 900 pixels x 760 pixels

Windows: XP or later, 32-bit and 64-bit (Windows 7 Starter only minimally supported)
Macintosh: OSX 10.5 or later