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  • Blossoming Lotus DVD
    $29.95 Blossoming Lotus DVD
    Turn your DVD player into a meditational tool with Blossoming Lotus. From the creators of Lightsource, Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync fuses soothing animation with twelve mandalas from Taoist, Buddist and Hindu traditions...

  • Hanta Yo Shaman's Heart DVD
    $34.95 $29.95 Hanta Yo Shaman's Heart DVD
    Native American power shields and symbols Hanta Yo presents classic Native American shields, power symbols, and medicine wheels ... finely illustrated and brought to life with scintillating color and LightSOURCE animation...

    $34.95 LightSOURCE DVD
    LigthSOURCE presents over a dozen othe world's most powerful and auspicious Sacred Geometry designs...dynamically animated, vibrantly colored, brought to life through exquisite technological artistry. Sacred Geometry is...

  • Lucid Dreaming Series  DVD - Lusid dreaming exercises blended with Hemi-Sync
    $49.95 Lucid Dreaming Series DVD
    This four-exercise series on DVD is designed to teach you how to program and conciously participate in your own personal dreamscape. Clinical research suggests that focusing on the dream you wish to experience while...

  • Your Immortal Brain
    $24.95 Your Immortal Brain
    In the series, “Your Immortal Brain” Dr. Dispenza examines several of the concepts addressed in the hit movie What the BLEEP do we know? Addressing the biology of change, spontaneous healing, and related...

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