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Hemi-Sync for Sleep

Sleep CDs and Eyemask KitNearly fifty years ago, Robert Monroe started to develop frequency-laced audio guidance exercises that facilitated an ability in all humans to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain.

He successfully studied the behavior of binaural beats and for some small test groups, used his patented sound technology called Hemi-Sync® to help focus the listener to achieve a specific desired mental state.

Robert Monroe's Hemi-Sync Technology

Hemi-Sync CDs non-intrusively facilitate this natural sensory state with sequences of low frequency sounds that stimulate the brain stem, and thus when listened to, can help promote relaxation and clearer focus.

Overlaying these frequencies with soothing sounds and spacial or ambient backgrounds (with some titles adding verbal guidance) the benefits of Hemi-Sync® CDs have benefited a wide audience through a well established worldwide dealer network.

To date, the Hemi-Sync audio process have been used by millions of professionals and individuals to help them overcome stress, get better sleep and promote wellness in various areas of health.

In a more detailed description, barely audible binaural beats are naturally produced and occur when one ear receives a sound that is slightly higher or lower than what the other ear hears.

The brain automatically processes these 2 tones into a third tone. Much research and clinical testing has confirmed that with Hemi-Sync CDs, the brain can be quieted for enhanced relaxation and sleep.

With regular listening, one becomes empowered for focused concentration and mind performance, or uplifted to overcome sensory signals from the body to better cope with pain, fatigue, and disease.

The most effective and popular Hemi-Sync® CDs & Music for sleep are the following: Surf, Super Sleep, Sleeping Through The Rain, and Soft and Still. However within the full line of CDs, there are over 250 titles to choose from, with each devoted to a specific wellness application.

From a separate manufacturer, the listening accessory that has made Hemi-Sync® a more comfortable proposition to users who prefer their audio listening while laying down or sleeping is the Sleepsonic® speaker pillow.

This audio tool enhances Hemi-Sync® stereo listening by delivering high fidelity sound from a portable CD/tape player, stereo system, PC or home system, to a listener's ears without the use of a headset or earphones.

The Sleepsonic Speaker Pillow comes in different styles and sizes, allowing for portability, individual comfort requirements, and budgets. Sleepsonic is actually the perfect 'must-have' item for stressful business trips or holiday travel.

Combining the two products, Hemi-Sync® and Sleepsonic®, the insomniac or poor sleeper now has a new lease and opportunity to develop better sleeping habits which ultimately equate to a more productive and fulfilling lifestyle. Yet challenges will still confront the newcomer to this modality.

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