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Hemi Sync Relaxation Music and Guided Relaxation CDs

Women Meditating to MusicIn an increasingly busy and fast-paced world, true relaxation can be hard to come by. Often, the use of guided relaxation techniques can achieve the desired effect in an efficient manner. Some techniques are more effective than others, however, and among the most effective is Hemi-Sync®. Through the use of relaxation music and guided relaxation CDs, Metamusic® and Hemi-Sync® helps users get past the stresses of the day to find deep relaxation.

Hemi-Sync® is the result of decades of research and study by Robert Monroe, a prominent figure in the subject of human consciousness. He pioneered the use of binaural beats to achieve a state of hemispheric synchronization, or Hemi-Sync®. By using ultra-low frequencies in each ear, one slightly higher than the other, the two hemispheres of the brain naturally "sync" them, and, in the process, reach a state where brain activity is highly ordered and conducive to true relaxation.

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Relaxation CDs vs. Hypnosis
Not to be confused with hypnosis, Hemi-Sync® allows the user to maintain control and awareness. Though both are most effective when the participant is engaged and open to the process, Hemi-Sync® works more quickly and more effectively. It also allows for reaching consciousness that moves beyond the realms that hypnosis can reach.

Discovery Tools and Workshops is your direct connection to the many guided relaxation CDs available with Hemi-Sync®. Using any combination of music, sounds, or suggestive voice, Hemi-Sync® products can help you reach a state of true relaxation over and over again whenever you like. Discovery Tools and Workshops makes it easy to order these products online with a huge selection and an efficient ordering system. Find your perfect guided relaxation CDs today at Discovery Tools and Workshops, or call 1-855-360-6678.

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