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How to Reduce the Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Most people have experienced sleep deprivation at one time or another--at college exam time or with a newborn in the house. For some people, however, sleep deprivation and its effects are a constant presence. Though not irreversible, those who experience ongoing sleep deprivation can experience not only extreme fatigue but also hallucinatory effects.

Needless to say, the effects of sleep deprivation can be devastating to job performance and personal relationships. The effects of sleep deprivation enter the public health arena when the sleep-deprived person gets behind the wheel of a car. Falling asleep at the wheel is now recognized as a significant contributor to the more than three million auto accidents around the world each year.

Combating the Effects of Sleep Deprivation
The answer? It's treating sleep disorders not with medications or other chemical means, but with the use of the body's natural tendency to bring order via audio stimulation. Developed by renowned consciousness researcher Robert Monroe, Hemi-Sync®, or hemispheric synchronization, is the safe, natural, and effective way to bring the brain into a state that allows for true relaxation and deep, healing sleep.

Hemi-Sync® products offered by Discovery Tools and Workshops give those who regularly experience the effects of sleep deprivation real hope. Through the use of proven-effective music, sounds, or pink noise infused with the low frequencies that the brain stem responds to, hemispheric synchronization is achieved. Read the research, the testimonials, and case studies here online. If you're new to Hemi-Sync®, then Hemisyncforyou.com has a perfect introductory package to let you experience what science can do for your sleep-deprived mind. Order online or call 1-855-360-6678 to get started today.

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