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The Monroe Institute

Research | The Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute was formed out of an original research group of volunteers, scientists and specialists, led by Robert Monroe, who began conducting learning seminars in self-control of human consciousness. These studies were held at various locations both in the United States and abroad. Most are now conducted at The Monroe Institute in Virginia (TMI). Included in The Monroe Institute's facility are housing for thirty people, classrooms, conference rooms, lecture hall, research laboratory and recording studios.
 Monroe Institute

Through the years, there have been many major published articles based upon the Monroe Institute activities. Several related books are in publication, including Ronald Russell's Focusing the Whole Brain and Robert Monroe`s book trilogy published by Doubleday, Journeys out of the Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journey.

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Robert Monroe
Renowned human consciousness researcher Robert Monroe spent the latter part of the 20th century researching the phenomenon of binaural beats and how this science might be used to harness the possibilities of the human mind.

Binaural beats, discovered in the 19th century, are simply the brain stem's response to two slightly differing ultra-low frequencies delivered into the left and right ears. The brain makes a natural pattern shift in order to "reconcile" these two frequencies.

Recommended Reading:
Journeys Out Of The Body
Robert Monroe's record of out of body experiences in places unbound by time or death has comforted millions of people who have encountered paranormal incidents. (1st in the Monroe Trilogy).

Monroe Institute Research
Over four decades of extensive applied and clinical research and development have demonstrated Hemi-Sync's value for enhancing relaxation, meditation, stress reduction, pain management, improved sleep, memory and learning, creativity, treatment of developmental disabilities and other applications.

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Bob Monroe Research Lab

The Monroe Institute's approach includes no dogma, religion, or particular belief system, and no hypnosis nor subliminal suggestion can be found in all the Hemi-Sync product line. The non-invasive methodology used allows the participant/user of Hemi-Sync to be always exercising individual will.

Not To Be Confused With Subliminals
None of audio programs produced by the Monroe Institute are subliminal, for in all of the verbal exercises mixed with the Hemi-Sync® audio process, the listener follows suggestions or cues that are clearly spoken. Hemi-Sync® sounds are barely audible and harmoniously interact with the brain's natural ability to distinguish slight differences in sound Hertz. Subliminals would only interfere with this organic listening process.
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To learn more about The Monroe Institute sponsored workshops in a location near you, visit monroeinsitute.org.